Ugly Bakery Menu

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Cinnamon Buns (Jackabuns)

Pinwheels of dough and cinnamon covered in our custom cream-cheese frosting! Also available – Lemon Buns, light dough with lemon frosting and a drizzle of caramel. 


Shortbread and Chocolate Bottoms

Buttery and delicious shortbread! Can be made with chocolate on the bottom. 

$15 / box 

$22/ box  with chocolate

Lemon Cookies

Crunchy delicious lemon cookies with royal lemon frosting.

$20 / box (roughly two dozen cookies)

Cake Cannon Balls

Cake balls with cream-cheese frosting covered in chocolate. Can be made with white or dark chocolate, white or dark cake, and can include crispy chocolate for an added crunch!

$25 / box of six cannon balls

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Specify your preference of Oreo – covered in white or dark chocolate

$20/ dozen (please specify chocolate and cookie preference)


Delicate sugary cookies with buttercream centers. Available in a variety of flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry, and lemon.

$25 / dozen

Also Available: 

  • URKT – Ultimate Rice Krispy Treats – rice krispies covered in caramel and white or dark chocolate. $30/tray (serves 15-20)
  • Cupcakes!
  • Muffins!

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